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eNetworks is carrying out a project of consolidation of internal skills in the direction of all disciplines that revolve around Big Data & Analytics, elements that create value in the business.

Innovate to grow

Technological progress is the decisive element for the growth of a company. The approach to innovation becomes essential, the ability to radically evolve processes and systems is fundamental. Transforming the company’s business and converting data into value is winning.
Data oriented technologies are rapidly evolving: Big Data, IoT, Data Analytics, IA, Machine Learning must be at the heart of technological innovation projects in companies. There are new opportunities that can only be seized by reshaping your business and processes to meet new market demands.
The primary objective to be competitive is to reduce the “time to market”, quickly acquiring skills or finding technological partners that are able to accelerate the development.
The change is already underway and requires resources that have to be increasingly competent and prepared both on technologies and non-technical skills that allow to start the transformation necessary to ensure the success of the company on the market.
In eNetworks we have made this process our vision.

Our value proposal

Main characters

Our eN-Pro are the professionals who work every day on software projects, applications that we have deployed on different customers, on different market operating environments, on different technologies.

They all have in common the passion for what they do, they put their heart in their work and go even beyond their role to achieve it.
For everyone there is a different path of growth that associated with the rewarding activity, helps to satisfy the need to become more and more competent, reaching goals of excellence.


  • Constant training on new technologies

  • Personal growth with No-Technical-Skill training

  • Periodic evaluation of technological and character gaps

  • Technological certifications


We follow the needs of the customer and adapt our offer to his way of working, taking into account the agreed objectives. The provision of services can take place in three distinct ways but equal in technological content and results:

ON Staff

We analyze the client’s requests, validate the skills necessary to carry out the activity and match them with the technical and NTS skills of the eN-Pros to find the best resource for the specific activity, which will then be carried out in staff at the client’s premises.

ON Demand

We activate a service by calibrating it on a specific competence, we make available, in support of the customer, a resource that is hired only when necessary to debug applications or problem solving.

ON Lab

We take charge of the project activities that are commissioned to us, we prepare internally for development and delivery, at the client’s choice we manage the governance of the project or hand it over to third parties.

Reference markets

We advise companies in all the fields where high-tech expertise is required.
With our eN-Pros, all engineers or specialized technicians, we support companies in innovation projects,
in the development of their products and services, ICT processes and governance.

Banking & Finance

Digital Services




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