A step into the ICT’s future

We are in continuous transformation, in continuous growth, aligned to the changes required by the constantly evolving market with new technologies. We are always looking for new opportunities that can involve and excite, where we can put our passion.

Data, the new gold

Phone’s app, web app, software saas. Most of them are available worldwide for free. In exchange of what? Data.
Data are so precious that can replace money. Data can be seen as a currency since they’re able to create value for whoever is able to collect, process and understand them.
Therefore, eNetworks is working on a project to consolidate the internal competences on all the branches that are somehow involved with data as generators of value for a business.
From storing information into a database, to interpolating thousands of fragments of big data, eNetworks’ professionals work everyday to create projects that aim to extract knowledge from data. This is the real power of coding: collect data and process them through instructions, correlations and rules in order to retrieve information that creates knowledge.
eNetworks adopted this process as the company’s vision.

The DIKW hierarchy

Our way to see data stems from a noble concept that sees them as generators of wisdom. The DIKW pyramid, also known as the DIKW hierarchy or hierarchy of wisdom, describes the profound relationship of dependence between data and structured knowledge.

In every field of knowledge, we can see how the first contact with a new understanding occurs through something certain and defined. An element that attracts our attention because of its logical relationship with reality.

This represents data, fragments of knowledge, that our mind can transform into information and, by processing them, into complex knowledge.
In eNetworks we make this process the founding philosophy of our approach to training and analysis.

Each resource allows us to collect data directly in the field and build a path to wisdom, the last step of the pyramid, where data and knowledge merge into a plastic model that we can shape based on the customer’s request.

From a few friends to a big family

It was 2001 when a few friends with twenty years of experience in the IT sector joined forces, without imagining that a few years later they would become a reality with over 100 employees, with offices in Milan, Turin, Rome, Bari and a project to export our model to Europe.

Offices are growing, as well as people and ambitions..

It’s precisely for this reason that we chose to be different from the others, because by working not only on the technical skills of our team, but also on non-technical skills, we can guarantee the client an approach that is not only technical, but also methodological and characterful..

The whole eNetworks contributes to the achievement not only of the goals of those who trust us by assigning us a project or an education, but also of the constant increase in quality, recognized by the achievement of corporate (such as ISO9001 or Microsoft Gold Partner) and professional certifications of individual team members, that are over 100.

People + Data + Skills


Comprehensive human and professional expertise combined with services with defined costs and themes. For this reason, for many years we have continued to be chosen by some of the most important realities.

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Tech school

A landmark for professionals and recent graduates in the IT sector. During the experience in the company, the education of consultants is followed at every stage and integrated with new notions developed in parallel in the Tech School eNetworks.

This synergistic approach allows to define strengths and weaknesses of each individual consultant, activating a virtuous circle that allows to educate highly specialized professionals in the new IT sectors and technologies.

They will have access to in-depth studies lasting between 2 and 6 months, designed to complete their verticality and experience within the partner companies.

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Workshops, events and vertical courses also open to the outside complete our educative offer.

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Our values


We choose to always act in first person; to be prepared and competent to take care of the projects entrusted to us; by respecting commitments and deadlines.


We all share an innate propensity to enjoy everything we do, we put our hearts into it and go beyond the role and the task to get to the result.


We support those who are in need and are less fortunate. We believe in the gratitude and strength of love for our neighbour in a way that restores dignity and hope to people in difficult situations.


We are projected into the future: each person is free to propose new projects and new ideas; we promote the culture of failure by encouraging curiosity, risk taking, experimentation and positive attitude towards change.


We foster an environment of internal sharing: at every level and degree of responsibility we collaborate constructively and fairly by sharing ideas, technologies and talents.


We recognize our corporate values as the founding principles of our work; we do not trade our identity for a small immediate advantage, we are loyal and honest.


In order to achieve quality, we invest in the professional growth of people by fully respecting them and involving their mind and heart. In every activity, we take care of all technical, behavioural and relational aspects in order to always have an exceptional result.


We are inclusive with every person, open to differences whatever they may be. We are committed to maintaining and promoting a culture that values diversity, including gender, generational and cultural diversity./p>

Code of ethics

We are happy to have achieved an excellent reputation with customers, suppliers, employees, and business partners. Therefore, each and every one of us is expected to make every effort to preserve and improve this reputation that was built over decades thanks to our hard work.

Through this Code of Conduct we want to ensure that all our employees are aware of their role in the company. By remaining committed to our values, everyone will actively participate in maintaining these standards.

Through this Code, all employees will be able to know and follow the high standards of conduct that we strive to uphold in the conduct of our day-to-day business.
This makes it clear how to deal with any situation involving customers, partners, suppliers and employees.
By following this Code, our actions will never be conditioned by conflicts of interest.

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Company certifications and professional certifications of eNetworks’ employees: compliance with reference standards and specialized technological skills increase the value of the solutions offered to customers. Consultancy activities, training courses and project implementation are carried out according to high quality levels, certified by official certification bodies. Our team is multi-certified, out of over 90 current employees, there are over 100 personal certifications in the company.

The eNetworks Quality System complies with ISO 9001:2015 for the design and development of software, provision of IT support services; design, installation, maintenance of networks; design and provision of professional training.

eNetworks is Microsoft partner for the sale of cloud solutions and services, Datacenter solutions, Hosting solutions, software development and Data Analytics.

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