More skills to serve a single common goal.
Only with a united and compact team great results can be achieved.

Together for your Business

eNetworks was born from the passion of a group of professionals who, over the years, have learned that the success of a project is largely determined, in addition to technical skills, thanks to the synergy and the convergence of the team.

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The uniqueness of our Team Extension Model (TEM) allows us to provide the customer with a team of experts fully integrated into the internal team, in order to represent a real division of the company itself.

The model is based on flexibility: together with the client we create a dedicated remote team, selecting the right set of capabilities to enhance the internal development team with skills and experience.

We adapt completely to the methodologies, tools, expectations, project or product requirements of the client. In this way we work together on the code, as a single team.

We are responsible for managing the remote team and the deadlines based on the agreed planning.

We provide comprehensive support: technology consulting, requirements definition, architecture design, refactoring and platform migration, software development and testing services and we also provide support after implementation.

The customer will have full control over the size and scope of the team, according to the project needs.

Benefits of TEM


All our developers operate from Italy, offering a collaboration able to guarantee the same working time of the customer. The team can take actions on-site at any time.


Our eN-Pro are equipped with a combination of hard skills and NTS that are essential for the success of the project.


This approach allows the client to expand their team with new capablities, enjoying the immediate availability of highly specialized professional resources.

Our team creation process can be customized according to the client’s business needs, according to the evolution and flexibility required.


Cutting fixed costs in favor of variable costs, with the possibility of modulating them according to the needs of the moment. No costs per workplace, rent, desk. A defined monthly cost that can be modulated on the scalability and necessity of the project.


We create work teams with talents motivated to the idea of designing and developing softwares with modern technologies. Career planning, professional and personal growth is accompanied by continuous training, ensuring an always stimulating environment. The result is passion in work and quality in execution.

The 3 steps of the Model


  • We verify and analyze specific business requirements
  • We search among our eN-Pro resources who is suitable for the project
  • We search among our eN-Pro resources who is suitable for the project
  • We create the team and perform on-boarding
  • We configure the basic infrastructure for development


  • We provide continuous support for team scalability
  • We expand the infrastructure by making it ready and operational
  • We complete the on-boarding of the necessary resources
  • We define the methodology and the planning of the project


  • We manage the team, infrastructure, and shared governance
  • We design and implement a continuous monitoring plan
  • We define the KPIs for the optimization of operations
  • We respect the agreed SLAs
Head Software Development Weekly/Monthly Chief Technical Officier
Project Manager Weekly/Monthly Operation & Delivery Manager
Developers Daily Team Developers

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