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This service is purposed for a faster structural changes run in your Company, through a front-end used as mediator between customers and various storage/information management technologies.

Built-in Office 365 apps provide the ability to create fast solutions, without the use of IT or other computer languages(easy to use)

This enables every single office to develope its own solutions and integrate them also with complex company systems (scalability)

Our Power Platform products are part of Office 365 subscription: Power BI, PowerApps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents

The questions we answer

  • How to monitor and simplify approval processes

  • How to monitor assets performances from remote

  • How to centralize and optimize data at low prices

  • How to create and monitor KPI in a user-friendly manner


Our offer

Power Platform service adoption allows flexible, scalable and portable answering to necessities of all type and size companies. We develop integrated solutions, using a three-step approach , in order to interact and optimize tools already available in your Company by adjusting the type of activity according to customer’s necessities and aims


Multiple sources analysis and their linked processes, designing a setting where strategic information can be collected.

On Demand

Tailor-made solution development, KPI consults , automatic archiving, data entry automatic flow , adopting trials.


Training for internal users to learn new tools, training for expert users to create question and combination data on their own.



  • Ease of development

  • No installation

  • Office 365 Software optimization

  • Solution flexibility

  • Results in a short time

What we can do


  • Automated creation of documents, with different approval and sharing steps
  • Computerized storage and fast searching
  • Information flows setting up and monitoring
  • Resources monitoring
  • Interactive reporting setting up


  • Support to HR/Marketing campaigns
  • Interactive dashboard development
  • Approval flows optimizing
  • Help desk bot services creations
  • Training and support for analysts

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