4.0 Training

An important tool in the form of tax credit, to allow all companies to gain skills in digital technologies that make the difference.

Tactical training and digital transformation

4.0 training tax credit credit is a tactical opportunity to train and at the same time regain part of the investment together with Research, development, innovation, digital transformation and design benefits

Only training activities to acquire or consolidate skills about technologies on 4.0 new settlement plan are eligible to funding


Companies that can have access to 4.0 training tax credit are the ones whose skill activities are:

  • Big data and data analysis

  • Cloud and fog computing

  • Cyber security

  • Cyber-phisical systems

  • Fast prototyping

  • Increased display and reality systems

  • Advanced and collaborative robotics

  • Human-machine interface

  • Machine and item internet

  • Business process digital networking

What we can do

  • Develop training project
  • Organize training plan
  • Provide training through field specialist trainers
  • Help you in paperwork required to formalize 4.0 Training

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