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SCA (Activity Final Statement  System) is an application software on web platform offering all the necessary features for financial reports and business resources monitoring.

SCA supports  the whole successful resources management: the employees/ coordinators. Based on modular architecture, it deals with the main human resources management and simplifies many jobs.

SCA is an easy tool for personnel department to monitor the job assignment hours per employee accounting in real time. It has a very intuitive interface for a very simple use and all the company employees and coordinators will be able to use it to fill in their daily/monthly job assignment reports.

The accounting section let all the employees note down all travel expenses. You can register kilometers run amounts, hotel, fuel , taxi and road tolls expenses. Personnel department can  assign every employee a km car kind cost. Some reports can analyze employee’s presence/absence, working hours, overtimes, absence causes, expenses.

SCA offers an organized management about human resources registry, having a constant time table working life view, assuring quick night, weekday, holiday, afterhours timetable plans. It is easy to update and integrate in order to adjust it to continually changing normative issues.

The main application functions are:

  • consulting timetable
  • expenses  chits
  • planned absences
  • users outlines
  • customers census
  • activities census
  • automatic reminder email
  • Holiday permit system
  • employee  reports
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